Monday, August 18, 2008

Discount sex toys

Discount adult toys...what they are made for? Such toys for big boys and girls are created to awaken your fantasy, to give pleasure, to teach us how to get new inexperienced sensations.

If you want to revive your sex life, to bring it up to the highest level - buy discount sex toys! So, if you want to have full sex, you have to use everything that gives erotic pleasure. First of all, dildo is the most widespread sex toy.

Such devices for self-satisfaction have been already known in ancient times, modern dildos are made of excellent materials.

The next step is vibrators and flavored lubricants. Add some sex video to this list and sexy lingerie. Don't consider this list an exhaustive one!

You are free to widen it endlessly. Let discount adult toys take a worthy place in your erotic arsenal.

Oh, I almost forgot! Take any box to keep your treasures far from curious eye!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sex is good!

Numerous scientific research and experiments prove that sex improves health and promotes rejuvenation of organism.

According to the results of the investigation, carried out by the experts of the King’s University, active sex life protects and strengthens heart muscle due to hormones, which attend sexual excitement.

Men with different frequency and regularity in sex took part in the investigation. As a result it was found out that the probability of heart attack or stroke among “Don Juans” is two times as less than among those who have sex seldom and irregularly.

Scientists analyzed the dependence of general well-being from sex life activity. As it turned out, mortality among men, who had more orgasms than others, is two times as less than among those who had never made love.

Besides, the investigations showed that the high sexual activity minimizes the risk of breast cancer among women and prostate cancer among men.

Also sex has a wholesome effect on digestion, rhythmical movements and muscle contractions tones up muscular system, trains pelvis, buttocks, hands and prelum.

Monday, July 21, 2008

G-spot - Women's Mysterious Treasure

They say that the G-spot is the best source of orgasms. Others claim that this erogenous zone doesn't even exist. Briefly saying, Grafensberg' Spot has always been disputable. The article presented below is about this dinky “portion” that is said to work wonders with women's libido when stimulated.

So, where is the G-spot located?
Originally known as Grafenberg's Spot this minuscule area is about 1-2 inches and can be found inside a woman's vagina on its front wall. One could easily feel it with the help of a finger. If the woman is not overexcited the spot's size is about the same of a pea. If she is sexually aroused her G-spot doubles its size.

However, if she wants to explore and figure out its location, she should insert a finger within her wet hole and feel for a rough area. It seems to feel like a walnut and is not so silky, smooth like the rest of the vaginal walls.

However, for most women this area is highly sensitive and delivers hours of pleasure and satisfaction if generously caressed. For others, this zone creates a sensation of weeing, while certain women do not feel anything and don't have it at all.

What is the G-spot created for?
Once you've manually discovered your responsive area, it's a high time to find out whether this spot delivers pleasure or just feels annoying.

Specialists recommend women to stimulate this zone by stroking it- namely, to insert their forefinger to about the second knuckle and perform a “come-here” motion towards the vagina's front wall.

Before pampering the G-spot, the woman should be sexually aroused for a better location. Moreover, she should experiment with pressure and duration of stroke to understand what does she really enjoy. While stimulating, most women may need to go weeing. It is because this spot is located on the front wall and the bladder is being pushed.

So, before deciding to stimulate this hidden area, make sure that the bladder is empty for extra comfort and safety! First times this procedure may seem a little bit weird, but with more perseverance one can achieve fantastic orgasms in no time.

For better results enthusiastic women resort to special adult toys like G-spot vibrators, curved dildos or finger vibrators, which guarantee a skillful titillation of this sensuous area. These female sex toys are very easy to use, do not irritate her inner zones, are easy to care for and store.

How about stimulating the G-spot during lovemaking?
Women may feel or not the G-spot during sex session. It depends on its size and precise location. Moreover, there are some sex positions a woman may try out for teasing this tantalizing zone. For instance, she may raise her pelvis or receive penetration from behind.

It's the very time to ejaculate!
Certain women state that they ejaculate when the G-spot is stimulated. According to some research about 10 % of women expel between 9 to 900 ml of fluid from urethra during excitement and climax. Some studies claimed that this fluid is similar to urine. Others concluded that this fluid consists of prostate enzymes. Thus they consider a woman's G-spot as the equivalent of the male's prostate gland. However, researches continue up to nowadays.

Let's put the finishing touches!
Just take into account the fact that we are all unique! You may have a sensitive G-spot, or may not. You may explore this area and be infatuated with mind-blowing orgasms. Or you may be better satisfied with a delightful clitoral orgasm... Nevertheless, remember! There are myriads of ways to get pleasure and receive explosive orgasmic bliss! And the G-spot is just one of them.